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Affective, Emotive & Conative Aspects in Collaboration
Architectures and Design of Collaborative Systems
Awareness in Collaborative Systems
Cluster-based Collaborative & Distributed Systems
Cognitive and Psychological Issues in Collaboration
Collaboration Enabling Technologies
Collaboration M&S for Exercise Support and Gaming
Collaboration Technologies in Industry and Businesses
Collaboration and Cloud Computing
Collaboration and Shared Planning and Logistics
Collaboration in Education and Sciences
Collaboration in Emergency and Disaster Response
Collaborative (Global) Software Development
Collaborative Applications in Financial Systems
Collaborative Autonomous Systems & Vehicles
Collaborative Conflict Management
Collaborative Decision Making and Support
Collaborative Enterprise Security & Access Control
Collaborative Environments for Simulation Based Acquisition
Collaborative Human-Centered Systems
Collaborative Knowledge Management
Collaborative Machines and Robots
Collaborative Open Innovation
Collaborative Prototyping Environments
Collaborative Simulation for Distributed Mission Training
Collaborative and Virtual Simulation Environments
Collective Intelligence and Crowdsourcing
Contextual & Situation-based Collaboration
Coordination and Cooperation Mechanisms
Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration
Cultural Aspects & Human Factors in Collaboration
Data Mining & Warehousing for Collaborative Technologies
Designing Collaborative & Virtual Organizations
Distributed Collaborative Trusted Sensor Systems
Distributed Shared Design and Development
Distributed Systems Engineering Environments
Distributed Team Management and Issues
Electronic Artifacts and Notebooks
Empirical Investigations
Enterprise and CE Heterogeneity / Interoperability
Executable Models of Architectures
Frameworks and Methodologies for Collaboration
Gaming Applications and Game Engines
Grid-based Collaborative Environments
Group Characteristics and Social Factors in CE
Human-machine Collaborative Interaction
Information Exchange and Fusion in CE
Information Infrastructure for Collaboration
Intelligent & Autonomous Agents in Collaboration
Interfaces for Collaborative Work
Management of Metadata for Collaboration
Mobile and Wireless Collaboration Systems
Modeling and Simulation of Collaboration
Multi Agent Systems in Collaboration
Ontologies and Ethnographic Approaches
Platforms for Collaboration
Requirements Engineering in CE
Role-based, Privacy and IP Policies and Algorithms
Service Oriented Architectures for Collaboration
Shared Virtual Reality and Applications
Social Media Applications
Social Multimedia and Networks
Social Software Based Collaboration
SocioTechical Information Spaces
Soft Computing Solutions for Collaboration Systems
Tabletop, Surface, and Multi-touch Interaction
Tangible User Interfaces for Collaboration
Tele- and Collaborative Medicine and Healthcare
Trusted and Reputation Based Collaboration
Virtual and Remote Project Coordination
Visualization of Collaborative Processes & Applications
Web Infrastructure for Collaborative Applications
Web- and Internet-Enabled Collaboration
Work across boundaries: Disciplines, Spatial, Temporal, Social
Work and Collaborative Virtual World
Workflows in Collaborative Operations & Systems
e- , Distance-, and Collaborative- Learning
e-Business, e-Comm, e-Gov and Collaboration
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