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Agent and Multi Agent Based Applications
Architectures for Green Computing
Architectures for Ubiquitous and<br>Pervasive Computing
Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics Systems
Benchmarking and Assessment
Bioinformatics and Biocomputing
Brokering Middleware
Causality and Time
Cloud Computing
Computer Supported Decision Making
Cooperative Information Systems and Applications
Coordination, Consensus, and Agreement
Data Intensive Supercomputing
Data Mining and Searching
Databases, Repositories and Their Applications
Distributed Multimedia Systems
Distributed Objects and Remote Invocation
Distributed Shared Memory
Embedded and Application-Specific Architectures
Energy Efficient HPC Systems
Enterprise Based Technologies
Enterprise and Federated Architectures
FPGA and SoC
Fault Tolerance, Replication
Federated and Legacy Applications
File Systems
Fine-Grain Parallelism and Architectures
General-Purpose computation on Graphics<br>Processing Units (GPGPU)
Granular Computing and its Applications
Grid and Cluster Computing
HLA, InfiniBand and Other Related Standards
HPC Monitoring &amp; Instrumentation
HPC and Education
HPC in Digital Signal and Image Processing and Vision
High Performance I/O
High Performance Interconnection Networks
Innovative HPC (Autonomic, Affective,<br>Quantum, ...)
Instruction-, Thread- and Memory-Level Parallelism
Internet and Web Computing
Interprocess Communication
Knowledge Based Systems
Large Scale Scientific Computing
Large Scale Systems for Computational Sciences<br>(Biological, Chemical, Physical, Bioinformatics,<br>Environmental, etc.)
Learning and Intelligence Algorithms
Libraries and Programming Environments
Load Balancing and Sharing
Markup Languages and their Applications
Message Passing
Mobile and Wireless Applications
Modeling and Simulation Using HPC Systems
Modeling, Simulation, and Evaluation Techniques of HPC Systems
Multi-Core Architectures and Support
Mutual Exclusion, Deadlock Detection
Name Services and Naming
Nature Inspired HPC Architectures
Network Flow and Congestion
Network and Systems Protocols
Network, Cell and Security Processors
Neural, Fuzzy, and Rough Sets in HPC
Object Oriented Programming &amp; Design
Open CL Platforms and Developments
Operating Systems Support
Operating Systems and Compilers
P &amp; D Industrial and Manufacturing Applications
Parallelization of Simulation
Partitioning, Mapping, and Scheduling
Peer-to-Peer Architectures and Networks
Power Aware Architectures
Query Processing and Information Retrieval
Real-time and embedded P &amp; D Applications
Reconfigurable Computing &amp; FPGA<br>Based Architectures
Reliable Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
Resource Allocation, Sharing and Management
Routing, Synchronization, Consistency
Scalable Computing
Security, Authentication, Access Control
Sensor, Broadband and High Performance Networks
Service Oriented Architectures
Software Development Tools and Support
Software Monitoring and Measurement
Transaction and Concurrency Control
Warehousing and Storage
Web 2.0 Infrastructure
Web Semantics and Ontologies
Web Services
e-Commerce, e-Business, e-Learning
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