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Registration Info

The 2020 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation
(HPCS 2020)

The 18th Annual Meeting

10 - 14 December 2020
Barcelona, Spain (Virtual/Online event)

Technically Sponsored is Pending


Accepted manuscripts to be presented at the HPCS 2020 Conference and published in its proceedings must be submitted in the format prescribed and template provided on this web site (see Authors' Info). The maximum length for regular papers is 8 pages. Additional pages beyond 8 pages will cost US$80 per page with a maximum of 4 additional pages. Please discuss any additional special needs with the registration chairs. 

All authors must electronically submit a PDF file (with embedded fonts and objects) of their final camera-ready manuscript to the Conference Web Site "Upload" link using their original login information (for main track papers or already uploaded papers): " If your paper was accepted in the main track or was already uploaded to this system, you may submit its final version with this link.".  
If a paper was not uploaded and evaluated using the HPCS 2020 web site (most of symposia, tracks, workshops and special sessions papers fall under this category), then the authors must first go to "Upload" link on the left menu. Then use: "If your paper was accepted through a Symposium, a Special Sessions or a Workshops, and you have not uploaded your paper before to this system yet, you may submit it at this link here" Fill out the form and then upload the manuscript's pdf file.  After this first uploading, you will get a paper code and it will be emailed to you as well. Thereafter, you can use the link " If your paper was accepted and was already uploaded to this system, you may submit its final version with this link" to upload an updated version after the first uploading. 

If you have any questions about uploading problems, please contact Mr. Abdul Habra at ahabra@yahoo.com.

All authors are required to upload their final camera-ready manuscript in pdf format to the upload link on the HPCS 2020 website noted above. The manuscript will then be checked and if it meets the formatting requirements and presentation, it will be moved to the final folder for publication. If it violates some formatting or presentation issues, the author will receive an email message and request to fix within very short time. We trust that all authors will help with this task and cooperate to get their manuscript in the best form possible and ready for publication. For Camera-ready and final editing issues, please contact:
Dr. Gina Petonito
    Miami University of Ohio, USA
    Phone:  +

Please make sure to include HCPS2020 CR in the subject field of your message. 

The plan is to have HPCS 2020 be published by IEEE and included in the Xplore Digital Library as in previous years. Consequently, each accepted paper of any category must have correctly filled out and signed copyright form. Copyright forms are posted on the Author's Info page. Please complete and sign the HPCS 2020 Copyright Form and upload it to this copyright link by the noted deadline. Please name your pdf file using the lastname firstname of the first author followed by the date you upload (e.g., Smith John Oct192020). If you have questions about copyright form or uploading, please contact the HPCS 2020 Publications Chairs: Dr. Yudith Cardinale Villareal (ycardinale@usb.ve) and Dr. Camille Coti (Camille.coti@lipn.univ-paris13.fr), (attn. HPCS2020 copyright). When using the link, please use the password: HPCS2020copyright. After that, you will get the uploading interface. Select your file and wait a few seconds for the system to upload it. Papers without copyright forms will not be published.

Also, please send your bio file of the assigned presenter, including a photo, as a WORD document when you register the paper using the registration system at the registration linkThe bio will be posted and read aloud immediately before the author's presentation. More instructions can be found on the Author's Info page at http://hpcs2020.cisedu.info/6-participants/authors-infoPapers without an assigned presenter and his/her bio will not be included in the program. The official presenter of the paper, once selected by the authors, will not be changed unless the program chairs approve the change after a timely request by the authors.

REQUIRED:  ALL ACCEPTED PAPERS MUST BE PRESENTED BY AN AUTHOR. NO EXCEPTION. IEEE Policy on Conference Attendance will be strictly applied. Please ensure that your work will be presented as scheduled in the final program.
HPCS 2020 will be completely virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Plans are underway to have all presentation be pre-recorded, tested and verified, and stored on the virtual conference platform. The presenter will also be available during the presentation and session to participate in the discussions and Q&A as scheduled.

Presenters will be using their own equipment and networks. Please have a good quality and reliable connection to the Internet to avoid any interruptions and other technical difficulties. Prior testing of your systems, browser and connection for correct functioning will be necessary. 

In case you have any questions regarding the pre-recorded presentation or platform used, please contact Dr. Miguel Ángel Martínez del AmorUniversity of Seville, Spain, Email: mdelamor 'at' us.es. 

Registration Fees are non-refundable.  
There will be no refunds to authors of papers (since authors’ fees are used to cover the pre-charged publication, printing, indexing, services venue arrangements, conference platforms and tools, .… , costs of authors’ own papers.) 
No-shows will forfeit the registration fees.  

Paid registrants (non-authors only) who cannot attend, and do not send a substitute, are entitled to a 50% refund if a request is received in writing on or before NOVEMBER 9, 2020. Registrants are liable for their full conference fees after that date (i.e., NO Refund will be made after November 09, 2020). 

HPCS Tax Status
HPCS 2020 is organized under a USA tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of USA IRS Code. Mailing address: HPCS 2020, P.O. Box 42099, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. HPCS has no VAT number. It is a US organization. 

AUTHORS.  Authors of papers must register and must upload their correctly typeset papers to the publication web site (see above) by the announced deadlines, if they wish for their papers to be published. 

Authors of all tracks (except main) must register by October 28, 2020 (extended).  All authors, including main track, must fully register by November 05, 2020 (Hard Deadline). The same deadlines are used for the camera-ready final manuscripts. Final accepted main track manuscripts received after November 05, 2020 that are not registered and uploaded will not be published in the proceedings of this Conference. To avoid any potential last minute delays, please register before the deadlines of October 28 and November 05, 2020 once you have the notification of acceptance and are able to finalize your files and revisions

In the case of multi-authored papers, at least one author must register at the full registration rate for the paper to be considered for presentation at the Conference. If an author has more than one accepted paper, he/she must pay the full registration fee plus extra page charges, if any apply. Each additional accepted paper costs about 60% fee compared to the first (up to 2 additional papers at this rate) plus extra page charges, if any. 

ATTENDEES.  All Conference attendees must register for the conference and show their virtual badges before they can be allowed to the virtual meeting spaces. Unregistered and individuals with no valid virtual conference badges will not be allowed in the meeting areas.

Click HERE to register for the conference using the ePLY System

STUDENT RATE.  There will be a $89 registration fee ($132 for late registration) for student attendees. The $89 (or $132) student fee applies only to students attending the conference but not presenting a paper, OR students attending and presenting a paper for which a FULL Author Registration fee has been paid by another coauthor. If all authors of an accepted paper are students, at least one author must register at a non-student rate. Student full-time status must be certified by a formal letter from the student's department or school. This letter is required to pick up the registration materials and have access. Please send the certified formal letter from the department or school as an attachment to the Registration Chairs BEFORE November 10, 2020.

All Payments must be in U.S. Dollars only, using credit cards. Registration payments will be made through the registration system using credit cards only.

Payment Confirmation Notifications will be sent to your email address, once your payment is processed successfully. Please retain a copy of this confirmation message with you to the virtual onsite Registration Desk. 


The Conference registration fee includes access to attend all sessions, tutorials day, and keynote and invited talks, virtual coffee breaks*, Virtual Speakers Meet & Greet coffee sessions*, the conf virtual exhibitors & sponsors reception*, a Conference program, and access to the full conference proceedings. (regular conference package). *These virtual events are under planning and development and will be made available when the platforms can support.
Student registration ($89 or $132) and One Day registration are for access to attend all the sessions, tutorials day, keynote and invited talks, virtual coffee breaks and events, and a Conference program only. Additional proceedings, CDs, hard copies, ...,  may be purchased separately. Please contact the Registration Chairs for additional information. 
Proceedings. The online proceedings will be made available at the conference, this is the plan. The proceedings in the form of CD or hard copy may be purchased as an additional item during registration process and shipped to you upon receipt of your payment plus shipping & handling costs (US$20 for CD and US$40.00 per volume for a hard copy S&H) in the U.S.A.  For international shipping, please contact the Registration Chairs. 

HPCS 2020 Registration Phase Short CHECKLIST:
  1. Final Camera-ready manuscript is uploaded and approved?
  2. Copyright Form is uploaded/sent and approved?
  3. Presenter's Bio is uploaded/emailed?
  4. Registration Fees are Paid?
  5. Pre-recorded presentation is uploaded and approved?
  6. Registration questions and options are answered in full?
  7. Proceedings type(s) is selected (in case requesting a CD or a hard copy)?
  8. Virtual social events, if any, signed for?

All fees of HPCS 2020 have been considerably reduced this year. The goal was to bring the fees down as much as possible while still balance the budget and pay for the services, platforms, publications and virtual meetings requirements. 

Authors Fees

ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (Early Registration by October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track)):                                                                                          US$538.00 (~ €448.00)
ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (Early Registration by October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track))    (Additional authors of the same paper):                               US$340.00 (~ €280.00)
ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (After October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track)): 
         (Only for additional authors of the same paper):                        US$388.00 (~ €320.00)

Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (Early Registration by 
October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track)):                                                                                 US$586.00 (~ €488.00)
Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (Early Registration by 
October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track))    (Additional authors of the same paper):                      US$380.00 (~ €316.00)
Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (After 
October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track)):   
         (Only for additional authors of the same paper):                         US$444.00
 (~ €368.00)

Additional Pages beyond the first 8, per page up to 4 pages max:         US$80.00  
 (~ €66.00)

Additional Papers by the same author (up to 2) by 
October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track)      (per paper after the first one, up to 8 pages each.)   
                                                                       For Member:              US$323.00 (~ €269.00)
                                                                       For non-member:         US$355.00
 (~ €296.00)

Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium Student 
             (Early Registration by October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track)):  
                                                                                                        US$208.00 (~ €174.00)
Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium Student 
             (LATE.  After October 28, 2020 for tracks (or November 03 for main track)):               
                                                                                                        US$256.00 (~ €212.00) 

Attendees (non-author) Fees

ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (non-authors, Early Reg. by November 09, 2020):         US$179.00 (~ €147.00)
ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (non-authors, After November 09, 2020):                     US$203.00 (~ €168.00)

Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (non-authors, Early Reg. by November 09, 2020):  US$207.00 (~ €172.00)
Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (non-authors, After November 09, 2020):              US$221.00 (~ €182.00)

Students (non-authors, Early Registration by November 09, 2020):                     US$089.00 (~ €072.00)
Students (non-authors, After November 09, 2020):                                            US$132.00 (~ €109.00)

One Day Registration (non-authors, Early Reg. by November 09, 2020):              US$110.00 (~ €089.00)
One Day Registration (non-authors, After November 09, 2020):                          US$139.00 (~ €112.00)

Corporate Registration:                      US$900.00 (~ €750.00)
Exhibitor (fee per table/booth):           US$900.00 (~ €750.00)
           Platinum:    US$3,500.00  and above
           Gold:           US$1,750.00  and above
           Silver:         US$0,850.00  and above
           Bronze:       Less than US$0,850.00 or less

EXTRA Items Fees

HPCS 2020 Hard Copy of Conference Proceedings:   US$75.00 (~ €62.00)+
Additional CD Copy of Conference Proceedings:       US$35.00
 (~ €29.00)+
Extra Conference Reception Ticket:                          NA

Extra Conference Banquet Ticket:                            NA

+ plus shipping & Handling costs. For the USA: $20 for CD, $40 for hard copy. For International, please contact registration for S&H charges. 

++ We have some new copies of previous proceedings of the conference (both CD and hard copies). Please contact registration if you are interested. 

Social Events Fees (see Social Events page for more details)
The conference is planning several virtual social events and activities. They should be available to all participants free of charge (covered by the registration fees). More info on these will be announced once available. 

Tuesday Event*:  
TBA                   US$TBA   per person

Thursday Event*:  
1. TBA                US$TBA    per person
  2. TBA                US$TBA    per person

Friday All-Day Excursions*:  
Event 1:  TBA 
                              US$TBA   per person                                                  
  Event 2:  
                              US$TBA   per person 

* All these events may have a minimum number and a maximum number per event. They will be available on first-come-first serve basis.  


Please click  HERE  to register using credit cards via the Registration Link. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. Registration fees are non-refundable, but substitutions are permitted by prior written and signed approval notice to the Registration Chairs only. 


Please contact Registration Co-Chairs:  

  Lane Velayo                                          Jess Lanore 
    Synergos AMC, Indiana, USA                                 Synergos AMC, Indiana, USA
    Phone: +1 (317) 201-3550                                     Phone: +1 (317) 201-3550
    Fax:     +1 (317)         (attn. L.Velayo/HPCS2020)    Fax:     +1 (317)              (attn. J.Lanore/HPCS2020)
    Email:   lane@synergosamc.com                             Email:   jess@synergosamc.com
If you email, please include HPCS2020 in the subject field.

NA. The conference this year will be taking place online.

Only registered authors, sponsors, exhibitors, and participants will receive support letters.  
Suspected requests will be reported to the proper authorities.